Hi, I’m Anthony

I’m a frontend developer helping companies and startups create a web presence.

Opal Camera
opal website

Opal Camera is the first of its kind, offering a professional quality webcam at the fraction of the price of a DSLR.

From front-end
to full-stack

opal camera mobile websites

Opal Camera had contacted me to help develop the first iteration of their landing page. The project has since turned into full-stack development, where I’ve assisted in building out administrative tools to manage email invites and signups.

The tech stack involves Adonis, Tailwind CSS, and React through NextJS.

Modern Fertility
modern fertility website

Modern Fertility approached me to assist them in developing their website. At the time, I was the sole front-end developer, working alongside Tom Chokel to help Carly and Afton to help give women the tools to better understand their fertility.

A responsive website, built from scratch.

modern fertility mobile websites

Using simple tools of HTML and CSS, I worked closely with designers to build out the first iteration of Modern Fertility’s website. Over time, the tech stack has evolved from vanilla JavaScript and CSS to React and styled-components.

Shoot forward several years, and not only has the website in scale, but Modern Fertility has grown as a wildly successful company, being aquired by Ro for $225 million.

I’ve also worked with...

camera made by opal camera

Plaid Technologies

This is where my development journey began. I had the opportunity to work with the lovely people at Plaid Technologies, where I maintained their marketing site, improved site performance, and adding new features to their documentation.

Plaid’s website has changed drastically since I’ve worked there (it’s been a while). Feel free to check it out anyway if you’re curious.

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Web Development

I create responsive websites that work on all devices. I have experience in several frontend frameworks and am always willing to take on new challenges!

Tooling Development

Having trouble figuring out complex front-end tooling? Need a feature developed in your Webpack or Node tooling chain? I’m your guy.

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Looking to learn web development? I can provide assistance in helping learn the fundamentals, review your portfolio, and more!